Health Benefits of Swimming

A list of some of the health benefits of Swimming.

Swimming is usually an activity that is done by people during the warm months or the year. It is a great way of cooling yourself down from the unforgivable heat of the sun especially during the summer months. For others, swimming is considered as an athletic sport. Just take a look at the likes of Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe, two guys who have taken the world by storm by excelling in swimming. Lastly, swimming is a great way to maintain healthy and to keep the body fit. Here's why: 

LOW IMPACT ON THE BODY - Gaining an injury due to swimming is next to nil. Because you are surrounded by water, every movement you make is cushioned and supported. And each person weighs less when in water. This is why most physical therapy patients use the pool to rehabilitate their healing muscles and bones, they get to work on their injury but not feel the pain as they would if they were on land. For those who are taking it up as a sport, they are able to develop their muscles without the strains that they would experience if they were lifting weights at the gym. Swimming is a fit for anybody, even pregnant and the elderly are able to reap the benefits of swimming because of its low impact on the muscles and joints. 

BUILDS ENDURANCE - moving in the water is a lot more difficult because you have to constantly propel yourself up to the surface of the water. This constant movements push your body to adapt to the strains, thus building your endurance. In a matter of months or weeks, somebody who is easily winded by a few laps will be able to swim better, longer and faster than before. 

CARDIOVASCULAR DEVELOPMENT - No matter how fast or slow you swim, your heart rate will always go up because of the movements you make to stay afloat. When you swim regularly, your heart and lungs will be healthier in the long run and blood flow through the body will be more efficient. 

MUSCLE STRENGTH AND TONING - propelling yourself in the water is not an easy feat, even if it is easy to float on the surface. The different swimming strokes tones the different muscle groups of your body, from your arms and back to your thighs and legs. Swimming is a total body workout!

PSYCHOLOGICAL - Aside from the physical benefits that swimming brings, there is also a psychological benefit. Personally speaking, there's just something about not hearing anything but the sound of your regulated breathing that keeps you calm. Whenever I swim, I tend to count my strokes as well, which gives me a sense of control whenever my mind is troubled by everyday stress. The act of swimming is also a way to relieve the stress you feel. When in need of a stress reliever, take it all out on the water. 

It is no doubt that swimming is a fun activity to do. Instead of limiting your pool time during the warm months of the year, why not make swimming a bigger part of you life? Your body will thank you for it. 


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