How to Teach Your Kids to Be Safe in the Water

Teach your kids how to be safe in the water. Teach him basic swimming lessons.

Summer is just around the corner!  And with it comes the constant pleas from your kids to bring them to the nearest beach or pool to cool down.    Nothing beats cooling off from the summer heat by taking a quick dip in the pool with the kids. But with drowning listed as one of the top causes of death for children under the age of five, it is crucial for your kids to know about the rules and dangers that can happen when they are in a pool or at the beach.  It is very crucial to take note of some important tips to make sure that your kids are safe.

Teach them not to be afraid of water. A child who is confident and comfortable about being in the water is a safer child. A lot of parents are not aware of what they're supposed to teach their children. Try to do positive reinforcement - don't use the word "drown," for example. Encourage a positive attitude so that the child will feel more confident and assured of himself.

Never let them swim alone. In public pools, it goes without saying that you should check for a lifeguard on duty. But this is just as a secondary precaution, it is still very important that parents should never leave a child unsupervised in a pool, because a lot of things can happen in a span of  five minutes.  All it takes is two minutes for a child to lose consciousness, and drowning can occur quickly even with one-inch deep. A flotation device is also not a substitute for supervision – they can lose air or float away.

Show kids how to play nice in the pool. No pushing, no grabbing, or holding onto somebody in the pool.

Never leave toys or any clutter on the pool deck. A child can easily trip over something and fall into the water. Kids should also wear sneakers or rubber-soled shoes while walking on the pool side or deck, which can get slippery or too hot for bare feet.

Teach them presence of mind. You and your child have to know what to do in case of an emergency. There are a lot of people who are really good swimmers, but not necessarily comfortable in open water. One of the most common drowning accidents happens when a child tries to reach for a flotation device or toy.


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